Sports Timer

“Sports Timer” is an easy to use programmable timer intended for interval training, workouts (like Tabata (HIIT)) and teaching. Music can be easily added to support your training.
main screen "Sports timer"

This is the main screen.  

The counter is displayed very big for maximuum visibility at long distance

Music can be played for a choosen directory

Beeps to indicate the start and the stop can be choosen.

An extra beep signal can be set on a specific time to indicate an "almost done".

Counting-down but counting-up (stopwatch) is also possible

“Sports Timer” Timer sequences can be stored in presets. A preset can be easily loaded by swiping to the right.

Lots of presets, easy loaded and even more presets on Tablets

Preloaded (default) presets: 
Preset 1: Tabata:( 20s , 10s ) * 8
Preset 2: Gibala: 180s + (60s + 75s) * 8 
Preset 3: Exercises: (( 30s, 20s , 10s ) * 4 , 2 min rest) * 5
Preset 4: Stopwatch: (( 30s , 30s ) * 8 , 4 min rest ) * 5
Preset 5: Basic Timer: Action: 5 min.
Preset 6: Basic Structure: Rest: 5s (Action: 180s , Rest: 30s ) *2 laps



Make very complex workouts without limitations.

The several blocks (Action / Rest / Clock / Laps) can be unlimited added & combined for your workout.

A “Sports Timer” countdown sequence can be made of 1 or more following blocks:
Action: Counting down some time intended to do some action
Rest: Counting down some time intended to recover from your action
Stopwatch: an up counter (use the skip button to stop & jump to the next)
Clock: Countdown until the system time meets your string: "mm:ss"
     When the phone time is 13h30m20s
     "xx:00" => countdown for 40 seconds (so 20 + 40 = "00")
     "00:00" => countdown for 30 minuts and 40 seconds 
Laps: Execute 1 or more previous blocks X-times, Laps can be set to infinity. To have an endless loop

Add or Remove a block

For each block (except LAPS) the default (changable in settings) music and beep signal can be overwritten.

Add: "+"

Remove: garbage-sign 


add a block

edit laps

Modify a LAPS block:

With the red arrow the red line below the block can be moved.

When a block is under the red line, the LAPS block will repeat this block.  

The sequencer will jump back to the first block under the red line.  

Lots of general settings for each block

and lots of other general settings

All presets and settings can be send to an e-mail contact / dropbox / Bluetooth / Skype / ...
(depends on the installed programs on your phone)

Configure startup conditions: Volume, brightness, load preset at startup, ...

Choose "timer done" beep sound

Scheduled Start: Plan a whole year and start it automatically (e.g. school bell)


settings block


There are no limitations on creating your workout.  

This workout will run for ever.

This example:
1. Prepare for 5 seconds
2. Do the 1st exercise and the 2th exercise 8 times after each other
3. Take rest for 4 minutes to recover
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for ever