User Manual

Basic Buttons

basic buttons
• Start: Start the sequence
• Stop: Stop the sequence when started
• Resume: Resume it when stopped
• Edit: Editing the sequence is now possible
• Skip: Skip this block, jump to the next timer block
• Music: Enable or disable the music while counting down
• Sound: Enable or disable the beep sound

The actions above can be started with the buttons below on the main screen (see screen-shot above) or on the rest of the screen to have an easier input:
• Short push: Start when not started (or Resetted), Resume when paused
• Long push: Reset the timer sequence

There are 5 modes

• Action: An action time
• Rest: A rest (recovery) time
• Stopwatch: an up counter (use the skip button to stop & jump to the next)
• Clock: Countdown until the system time meets your string
• Laps: Repeat previous items that are under the red line

Change the Action sequence


Push the “Edit”-button:
• To change the sequence.

rest block

In 1 block, there are always 3 parts:
• The mode: Action / Rest / Stopwatch / Clock / Laps
• The value
• The Buttons

The mode

change mode

Action / Rest / Laps
• Push it to change

expand laps

• The red line at the bottom indicates the group that will be executed for "Laps"-times
• The buttons ? and ? will expand or reduce the group

The value

Value Buttons

• Push the number at the top to increase (+1)
• Push the number at the bottom to decrease (-1)

The Buttons

add block
• "add": will add a new block after this one
• "delete": will remove this block, the last one cannot be removed

Save to Presets

save to preset

• Save: at the upper left corner:
save to preset panel
• Postion: Choose a presets location
• Name: Choose a name for your preset

Change the


• settings: at the upper right corner:

Here you will find lot's of settings like: start-up conditions (volume, brightness,...), default sound directory, default beep locations, info, ...